2017 Student-to-Student Conference

Come join the fun and excitement, at the 9th Annual Student-to-Student Conference!
Saturday, May 13, 2017, 1–5 pm
DeAnza Community College, Cupertino, CA

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Students present a workshop at the 2012 Student-to-Student ConferenceStudents (and their parents/guardians and teachers) are invited to attend a conference by and for students. Students present workshops on their favorite subjects; other students attend these workshops! Open to all students grades 3–12 in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Monterey, San Benito and San Mateo Counties. You do not need to be a GATE-identified student in order to attend the conference, or to present a workshop. Everyone is welcome to this FREE conference!

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Click on these images to download printable PDF flyers in English and Spanish:
Student-to-Student flyer 2017 SpanishStudent-to-Student 2017 flyer English

Share this slideshow to show students about the conference:

This slideshow (9 MB PDF Get Adobe Acrobat Reader) can be shown to students to explain what the conference is and how to prepare a workshop presentation.

Check out last year’s conference program to see what a typical conference is like. (1 MB PDF Get Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Helpful Tips for Planning and Presenting a Great Workshop!

The conference is open to ALL students from throughout the region: Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Monterey and San Benito Counties. You do not need to be a GATE-identified student in order to attend the conference, or to present a workshop. Everyone is welcome!

s2s-2012-3d-printingTwo Ways to Participate:

  • Students can present a workshop of their choice, and also attend other students’ workshops. (More information about presenting, including a list of possible topics below.)
  • Students can attend the conference without presenting, and just enjoy other students’ workshops.

At the conference, students will offer a wide variety of workshops and presentations to other students. Much like an adult professional conference, students will receive a program that lists the various presentations and workshops, and can choose to attend up to six sessions.

Register NOW to attend this year’s Stu-to-Stu!


DeAnza Community College in Cupertino, CA. DeAnza College is conveniently located at 21250 Stevens Creek Boulevard, right off Highway 85. Founded in 1967, DeAnza’s 112-acre campus is a lovely place to spend an afternoon — and to attend college! The Student-to-Student Conference will be held in the “L7” and “L8” buildings and the fountain quad these buildings face, and they are just a few steps from Parking lots A & B. This map (514 KB PDF) shows where buildings L7 & L8 are, as well as Parking Lots A & B; more maps are available at www.deanza.edu/map/.

The conference program will begin at 1:00 pm sharp! Please plan on arriving by 12:30 to park and sign in, so that we can begin on time.

More About Presenting a Workshop:

s2s-2012-catapultStudents wishing to offer a workshop, performance or other presentation must register and submit their proposal to us no later than Tuesday May 2. The registration form (coming soon!) has a place for your presentation’s title and description (500 characters max = around 100 words). You can also let us know that you want to present, complete the form with everything except the description, and send us your presentation description a few days later, but make sure we get your workshop description to us by Friday, May 5, or you may not be able to present! NOTE: A parent, guardian, teacher or other adult (21 years or older) must be in the room while you are presenting!

Teachers and Parents: Encourage your students/children to present a workshop!

Helpful Tips for Planning and Presenting a Great Workshop!

And just for fun, here are some presentations from the 2011 Stu-to-Stu Conference, held at Cowell College, UC Santa Cruz:

Workshops can be about almost anything, topics you’ve learned about inside or outside of school,
including but not limited to any of these topic ideas:

Actual Workshops Presented in Past Years:

More Workshops Ideas:

  • A Day in the Life of an Ancient Greek
  • About the rain forest and how we effect it
  • About White Sharks
  • All About Time Lords
  • Amazing Number Tricks
  • Autonomous cars
  • Boom, Kick, SOCCER!!
  • Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies!
  • CamWow
  • Crafty, Creative, Clay Charms!
  • Creatures Features
  • Curiosity – It’s Great To Ask Questions
  • Different types of art
  • Drought in California
  • Duct Tape Creations :Part II
  • From Prose to Poetry
  • The Future of Electricity
  • Golazo!!!!!!
  • History of Pizza
  • How to make Ice Cream
  • Is Life Too Plastic
  • Is Time an illusion
  • Legendary Creatures: Origins in reality? Or completely imaginary?
  • Live to Dance!
  • Loom Kintting
  • Make up, Make up everywhere!
  • Making Waffle Cookies
  • Nayarit, Mexico
  • Motorcycles
  • Natural motion in Scratch
  • Nomophobia & Negative Cell Phone Effects
  • Paranormal Activities
  • Pet Chinchilla or Pet Tortoise?
  • Physics of the baseball bats
  • Polluting our Ocean
  • Presentation on Steel Pans
  • Protecting White Sharks
  • Role of Software learning for middle school students
  • Rubik’s Cube
  • Secrets of Video Game Music
  • Solving the 3*3 and 4*4 Rubik’s Cube
  • Space stations
  • Story about Inca Civilization: My trip to Peru
  • Tech Challege
  • The Amazing Journey of the Monarch Butterflies
  • The Fascinating World of Carnivorous Plants
  • The human brain is so COOL!
  • The Psychology of Illusions
  • Tornadoes: Mystery of the Wind
  • Vaccinations for Kids Everywhere!
  • Water: from air and from desalination
  • What does leadership mean?
  • What is Bharatanatyam ?
  • What makes your eyes brown?
  • Why Don’t Humans Have Fur?
  • Wild Jungle Cats
  • 3D Printing: Printing the Future
  • A Brief History of the Rubik’s Cube
  • A Journey to Peru
  • A New Evolution in Cartooning and Engineering
  • Aircraft of Pearl Harbor
  • Animation
  • Apple
  • Are there 8 or 9 planets?
  • Bald eagles all over the world
  • Black Hole
  • Breakdancing
  • Chemistry Rocks
  • Codes for Computers
  • Colors of Light
  • Creepy, Freaky, Weird Animals
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Eat healthy for 2015
  • Effect of Citric Acid on Solubility of Sugar
  • Everything About Strings
  • Gibbons
  • Greek Mythology
  • History of a piano
  • How To Be A Good Speaker
  • How to Draw Manga
  • How to Ride a Skateboard
  • How to Solve a Rubik’s cube
  • Hydrocarbons – Friend or Foe?
  • Junior Ranger in National Parks
  • Lefty: devil or genius?
  • Minecraft Mania
  • Misconceptions of Pitbulls
  • Models: what Behavior are they Modeling?
  • Motivating Math with Algebra
  • Mystical Dances of India
  • Off Road Motorcycles
  • Olivia Holts Singer
  • Optical Illusions
  • Our Solar System
  • PETA
  • Role of Light Color on Plant Growth
  • Exploring UV Protection
  • Magic The Gathering: An Introduction
  • Use 3D Printing to Outfit a TARDIS Pinewood Derby Car
  • The Significance of Money: World History Through Coins and Banknotes
  • Chinese Yo-Yo: A Performing Art and Sport
  • Revive Extinct Species – Can We? Should We?
  • Surfing: A Way of Life
  • The History of the San Jose Sharks
  • Extracting DNA From a Banana
  • Bass for Beginners
  • Lego Mindstorms NXT
  • How To Make An Online Art and Literary Magazine
  • Music and Food: A Magical Combination
  • How to Write a Song
  • Alternative Gasoline
  • Why Should We Learn Geography?
  • Medieval Catapults and Trebuchets
  • Snakes – Get Poisoned or Get Squeezed
  • Horses
  • The Strength of Electromagnets
  • Lego Robotics Workshop for Dummies
  • Dinosaurs of a Feather
  • Identical Twins and the Rest of the World
  • Why Do Restaurants Put Unhealthy Foods on Children’s Menus?
  • Rubiks Speed Cubing
  • Curiosity: An Update
  • Awesome Math Tricks
  • Making Games from Scratch
  • Gravity: From Groovy to Fantastic
  • Fossils: A Fascinating Voyage to the Past
  • How to Write an Exciting Story
  • Dance with Masti/Fun
  • How Will Man Get To Mars?
  • Aesthetics Are My Life
  • The History of Godzilla and Other Movie Monsters
  • Cool Math Websites for Kids
  • Environment and Fun: Yes, They Can Go Together!
  • An Edible Guide to the History of Food
  • How I Started My Chemistry Card Company as a Middle Schooler
  • The Owls of California
  • How to Build a Skateboard
  • The Chosen Ones: How to Write a Book
  • Explore the Unknown to Discover Your True Interests
  • The Hindenburg and Zeppelin Travels Across the World
  • Gods, Lettuce & Shoes: An Anthropological Study of Racism
  • The Power of Poetry
  • How to Build a Mac OS X Program
  • Long Distance Backpacking
  • Duo Interpretation of a Disney Story
  • Earthquakes and Designing Earthquake-proof Buildings
  • Do You See What I See? Optical Art
  • The History of LEGOs
  • Inside Frankenstein’s Lab
  • ¡Habla español! Learn to speak Spanish!
  • The Culture and Traditions of Mexico
  • The Ins and Outs of Sketching Animals
  • How to Take Care of Geckos
  • Basic Pencil and Pen and Ink Drawing Skills
  • Number Sense: Shortcuts for Math on Any Test
  • The Causes, Battles, and Effects of World War II
  • Origami: Cultural, Scientific, Political, or Just Plain Fun?
  • The Life Cycle of Butterflies
  • Fun with Book Clubs
  • We Love Horses
  • Wolves
  • Documentary Film: How to Write, Direct, and Produce
  • Great Ancient Egyptian Artifacts
  • FIRST Robotics — Space Cookie Team Goes to the World Championship
  • Polar Bears
  • Programming with Lego Mindstorms
  • Real Futbol
  • Renewable energy
  • Rock with Drums
  • RUFF!!! RUFF!!!
  • Smoothies vs Caramel Macchiato
  • Swiftly Make iOS Games
  • Test Anxiety: Blessing or Curse?
  • The Art of Optical Illusions
  • The Blackfoot Tribes
  • The Effects of Smoking
  • The Journey of Lion Clan
  • The Lives of Women and Children During the Revolutionary War
  • The Ohlone Tribe: Games and Gambling
  • The Other High Blood Pressure
  • The Perfect Crime: Killing Bees
  • The Science of Depression
  • The travels of an Irish Boy
  • Unraveling the Science Behind Indian traditions
  • Upcycled Gardening
  • Why are Blueberries Blue and Why are Strawberries Red?
  • Winged Dragons: The Pterosaurs
  • World War 2
  • The Strength of Electromagnets
  • Magnetism
  • The Solar System
  • Colorful Stylish! Bracelets
  • Music and Music Technology
  • Legends of Poseidon
  • Supernova: A Cub Scout Adventure in Science
  • What is Reality?
  • Philosophy of Matrix
  • Gymnastics 101
  • What It Takes to Be in a Teen Fashion Show
  • Aloha, Wonders of Hawai’i
  • The Secret Life of Horses
  • Boom! Bang! Bam! Volcanoes, Volcanoes
  • The Story of Innistrad
  • The History Of Apple
  • Are Germs Really That Disgusting?
  • Scratching the Surface of Elements
  • Sea Turtles
  • Dogs
  • Tigers
  • Claymation
  • Toontastic
  • How to Mod Minecraft
  • Aluminum Versus Plastic
  • Origami Stars
  • Greek Mythology’s Impact on Pop Culture
  • The Physics of Football
  • The FYI on the SPF
  • Magnificent Magnetic Crystals
  • The Sound of Music
  • The Borgais
  • Have Fun with Word Art
  • Origami
  • How to Make Lanyards
  • Native vs. Non-Native
  • Mock trial demonstration/simulation
  • Author talks
  • Showing of a film directed by a student
  • Demonstrations: Lincoln Douglas debate, Oxford debate
  • A speech: original or an interpretation of an established text
  • Student congress demonstration/simulation
  • Leading a discussion on a topic of interest
  • Reading original fiction, poetry or an original manuscript
  • Performing a dance
  • Showcasing original art
  • Presenting an original comedy routine
  • Presenting an original instructional game
  • Teaching a skill
  • Introduction to an organization the student wants to promote
  • Leading a critical session on a work of art
  • Analyzing a piece of abstract art
  • Presentation on health and wellness: exercise, diet, sleep
  • Simulation on effective communication in particular contexts
  • Activities to promote self-knowledge
  • Meditation instruction
  • Discussion about a problem and how to solve it
  • Examining why gifted and talented role models sometimes go bad
  • Examining a world issue and the various points of view on that issue
  • Presentation of the work of students from Freestyle High School
  • Comic book presentations
  • Puppet shows
  • Civil rights topics
  • Where films get science wrong
  • Introduction to Pilates or Yoga
  • How to start and run your own business
  • How to persevere
  • How to manage stress
  • What service learning taught me
  • Science fiction writing
  • Designing a galaxy
  • Building robots
  • Chaos theory
  • Presentations on various sports
  • Seeing eye dog training
  • Presentation on a favorite philosopher
  • How to invent and patent something
  • How to publish
  • Women in politics
  • Computer programming
  • How to make friends
  • Group dynamics
  • Presentation on the bystander effect
  • Emotional literacy development
  • How to develop intuition or creativity
  • The fixed mindset vs. the growth mindset

And tons more possible topics! You decide! Come join us and share your interest, your hobby, your expertise, passion!

Register NOW to attend this year’s Stu-to-Stu!

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